Welcome to the page aboutme, I am glad you found my website!

What does art do to me?

With my paintings and drawings I express my feelings. With that I show what lives in me and how I experience things. I translate my experience into color and shape. It is wonderful to create. If I could not, it would be a great loss. Then I felt incomplete. That is why making art is a necessity for me.

Color as the essence

You see a lot of color in my art, because color is an important source of inspiration for me. I believe in the power of color. Color – visible only with light – is and gives energy. Allowing color (and therefore light) into your life is enriching, but also exciting. It forced me to look inside myself, in a world that is very focused on the outside. Color taught me to listen to myself.

What can you do with my art?

• All paintings – except those on the Commissions page – are for sale.

• You can also rent a painting, the costs are € 30 per month. If you decide to buy the rented painting, I will deduct the rent already paid from the purchase price. This way you “save” for a painting.

• I also work on commission, see my Commissions page.

Every season I place new paintings and drawings on my website on the page Selected work. But you actually have to look at art in real life. So come by, you are very welcome!